Forum Title: New pool startup for Wet Edge finish
Hey all, long time lurker and occasional poster here. First some quick info on the work. I just had my pool completely renovated due to coping/tile issue. Since we had to do a full drain and the plaster also had discoloration/scaling/SOMETHING issue, I figure I might as well get the plaster redone too. This time with Wet Edge pebble finish (Prism Matrix Eclipse) Here's a picture of my old pool: Here's the renovated work with stone coping, new tiles and Wet Edge pebble finish (Prism Matrix Eclipse): Ok, now to the meat of the question. What is the proper water chemistry values to follow? I've asked my PB but haven't gotten an answer yet. Is it the same as a full plaster pool (w/ bleach) as noted in the Recommended Levels page? Specifically the Calcium hardness level. Here were my starting values as soon as the fill was completed: pH 8.2+ TA 50 CH 100 CYA did not measure 2 days later (today) it's this: pH 7.2 TA 80 CH 110 CYA did not measure The CH went up slightly but not much. I'll probably be adding some calcium hardness increaser this Saturday to bring it up to 150. I would think TA, FC, ph and CYA should stay the same. In the Wet Edge start up guide, they noted to bring it up to 150, but that shouldn't be the final resting value correct? Since there is definitely less plaster due to the pebbles in place of the plaster, would that required value be lower? Thoughts?
Category: pool Post By: BONNIE SANDERS (Hempstead, NY), 02/25/2019

Pool looks good! Please add your location (city and ST) in your profile so it shows up over there

- BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 04/04/2019

Looks great!! Love the color. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- BILLIE DENNIS (Clarksville, TN), 04/11/2019

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