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Hello everybody. I have a approx. 25,000 gallon unground pool w/ Hayward S244T sand filter and a 1 hp Hayward single speed pump. I live in Upstate NY, it was my own mistake for not opening the pool up earlier. I was on vacation and it covered with a hard fabric stretch cover. I opened it on 6/17/16 and it was the most disturbing thing i have ever seen. A thick layer of green and black algae was on the stairs and the whole water was black. I started with 10 gallons of pool chlorine at 12.5% while the pump is running. I then did another shocking the next day with another 5 gal of pool chlorine. Followed by another 3 bags of cal hypo granular shock dissolved in homer bucket for each bag. Then once i felt that everything was killed i added some algaecide to help the chlorine. I then finally went from black to dark green to dark blue then to hazy blue. Since my sand filter has not been changed in 12 years, i changed both the sand and the laterals and re-leveled my filter since it was crooked anyway for some reason. I owned the house for 3 years now. Had pool for the 3rd season now. Last year i opened early may and it was all peachy. I have balanced all my numbers now and the water is clear to where i can see the bottom drain 9 feet down but i have to strain to see it. There is still slight cloudiness to the pool. I have been running pump for 2 weeks now. Pressure is constant due to new sand. I have added clarifier as well a couple times and that probably helped. I hate adding anything other than pool bleach My numbers are balanced. Why is it taking so long? I am holding chlorine well. Everything is dead. Is it because I had so much algae in there? I think by Jul 4 it will be crystal but i don't get why it takes so long with new sand. I don;t want to add DE as this is new and nice sand. I have been swimming and the water smells and fells nice, but not perfectly clear. Thank You for your advice. ph 7.4 FC - 6 CC -0.2 Hardness 130 Alkalinity 140 CYA - 30 (I know it's low, but have been running 3-4 tri-chlor pucks in skimmer to add CYA since pump is running 24/7. That's how I went from 0 CYA to 30. I like it low and At this CYA level, i think I am pretty well sanitized, probably too well.
Category: pool Post By: ALEX WALTERS (Sugar Land, TX), 02/08/2019

Oh darn Marckszoom.... sand never needs changing. But it sure can get dirty and a good cleaning always helps. Adding DE works well too towards the end of a SLAM when that last little bit of schmutz is still hanging about. WHen you toss in mass quantities of liquid chlorine, the FC is only going to work so well and a lot of that extra will just fade off in to the sunset faster. And your vinyl can take a huge hit and fade with that extra high chlorine level. That you're only using test strips makes things harder to monitor because they can be very inaccurate. You've got a big honkin' need a really good test kit like the TF-100. Floc and clarifiers can gum up your new sand.

- AMY ALLEN (Beaumont, TX), 04/06/2019

Thank you YS. I actually have the Taylor test kit but never got to update my profile. My pool liner is 12 years old and it's faded anyway, has one patch and several small sink holes. I am not replacing until it blows. I enjoy the clear water either way. The ocean is not perfectly smooth either LOL. I am sure that I faded about 20 gal of liquid chlorine right into the NY skies, but I was so terrified by the water that I wanted to make sure nothing lives. It made me dry heave it was so bad. Now it's almost clear. Shallow end looks clear but still lightly cloudy 8 feet down where i have to strain to see the main drain. All levels are good IMHO. Hardness does not matter with vinyl anyway. So why is it taking 2 weeks? I guess it's either do I run the pump 24/7 for another week or do I add DE now and clear it faster. I do enjoy the constant stable pressure due to new sand though. I re-sealed all the connections above ground to prevent any air coming in. The skimmer is so strong it can suck you finger in and hurt it.

- MARC CRAIG (Missouri City, TX), 04/04/2019

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